On Hold Messages Made Easy



We’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible here at On Hold Messages Australia.

In brief… we charge to voice your new message on a “word count” basis. The rates are clearly outlined below.

If you are just after us to voice your message (for someone else to produce), the VOICE ONLY rates apply. If you would like us to fully produce your message, then please use the VOICE & PRODUCE RATES defined below as a guide.

Please note that these prices do NOT INCLUDE HARDWARE. Most of our clients are already set up with a phone system that just requires the audio. If you do need something sorted to play back your message, please CONTACT US and we can discuss how we can best help you.

When we receive your order, we manually process things at our end. We will count the words and confirm the rate that will be invoiced to complete the project for you.

Please note… all prices below are complete buy out and no additional fee will be charged. There are no contracts or monthly fees charged at all.


HARDWARD is not Included in these rate. Contact us for further information.
* IVR what? Interactive Voice Response. The "press 1 for accounts" type lines** CORRECTIONS: What? Changes to the original script afterit has been voiced. Must be requested withing 5 days of completion.*** UPDATE: What? An UPDATE must be a revision of an exisiting message PRODUCED BY US.
001-150 Words$90$165
151-300 Words$125$200
301-450 Words$150$225
451-525 Words$175$250
526-600 Words$200$275
601-675 Words$225$300
676-750 Words$250$325
750-825 Words$275$350
826-900 Words$300$375
901-975 Words$325$400
976-1050 Words$350$425
1051-1125 Words$375$450
1126-1200 Words$400$475
1201-1275 Words$425$500
1276-1350 Words$450$525
1351-1425 Words$475$550
IVR* (Per Line)$35$35
CORRECTIONS**Based on Word Count (as per above)Based on Word Count (as per above)
CLIENT DIRECTED READ$50 per 15 mins$50 per 15 mins
UPDATE A MESSAGE***As Per Word Counts AboveAs Per Word Counts Above

* INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED: However, in most cases, we may be able to provide a technician to assist with your On Hold Player installation. This does incur an additional fee. Please contact us prior to making your order so we can confirm the availability and exact cost of a technician in your local area.

** All Prices ExGST



When we receive your order, we manually process things at our end.

To confirm all is as you’d expect, we reply promptly (during business hours) with a confirmation email outlining what we understand to be the project. We will ensure you are aware of inclusions, turnaround times and invoiced amount.

When we get your confirmation to proceed, we will get things underway and back to you within two business days. (Dependant upon voice selection availability).

In the interim, we will provided a cloud based invoice with a PAYPAL payment option.  Payment can be made with our without a PayPal account via a credit card.  We may also accept an authenticated bank payment transfer slip as proof of payment if needed.

We will provide a sample of the completed on hold message for your approval… and then request full payment before releasing the complete files.