On Hold Messages Made Easy

Production Brief

Need Phone System Hardware


Thank you for requesting we write, voice and produce your new On Hold Message. To get things underway, we ask you to please fill in the “Production Brief” below.

This will outline the major things we need to understand before we begin the creative process.  Please include as much information as you can to help us fully appreciate your objectives and desired outcomes.


  1. We receive your completed On Hold Production Brief.  We will confirm receipt.
  2. We assess your brief and reply with an “outline” as to how we suggest proceeding.  Topics, inclusions and the like.  (Please allow a few working days for this to arrive)
  3. Upon written approval of our concept, payment is requested to proceed.
  4. Once your payment has cleared, we begin the FULL WRITE.  We will work with you to tweak and revise until you’re completely satisfied.  When written approval is received, we head into the studio to produce your On Hold Message.
  5. We do our best to deliver your completed On Hold Message as an mp3 file… within 2 working days.

NOTE:   Please note that we are happy to work with you through the creative process as much as we can to ensure complete satisfaction is achieved.

About You
What do you need your On Hold Message to achieve? Inform, Entertain, Upsell, Move to action... please elaborate...
Where can we find information to help us write your message better? Website, person to call?
Do you have a specific "Call to Action" you'd like your On Hold Message to push?
What "ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE" in your message? Do you have a company Jingle, Positioning statement, Legal Requirements, Link with other marketing activities... your website?
How do you want your message to sound? Professional and Corporate, Fun and Friendly, Natural, Tradie Friendly etc. Please define
Other... Please tell us as what you think we need to know to ensure we understand your needs.