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How often should i Update my On Hold Message?

How-We-Do-ItHow often should I update my on hold message…?

We get asked that a fair bit.  So what are the telltale signs that you need to update your current message?

Firstly… think about what type of business you run and how often or regularly your clients or customers call.  Are you a dentist?  Then likely most of the patients only call a couple of times a year to make an appointments, so frequent on-hold updates may be a little bit unnecessary – unless you are actively seeking to something timely, such as a new service, a great new product offer or major event.  Or what if you’re a car parts supplier…and your customers call often?  Then maybe you need to keep things freshened up more regularly… These types of businesses can benefit from frequent updates, so the information stays fresh.

If the above examples aren’t even close – how can you decide it’s time to update?


Is any of the information in your current on hold message outdated? Time to fix that.  You don’t want to appear behind the times.  Or worse still – tell your callers something wrong – and lose their interest.

Something new to promote?  (Products, services or technology that aren’t currently mentioned? This is a perfect opportunity to remind or inform motivated callers,

Have you won an award or something worth bragging about? Promote your wins.  Keeping things fresh and current will help build your value with clients.

Been a while? An old stale message does nobody any good.  Callers get bored, you lose customers.  Spruce it up from time to time, just because!

Any recent successes that your callers shoule know about?  Customers like to know they’re dealing with someone that can trust.  They like to know they’re in good hands.  If you’ve done something recently that proves you’re on top of your game… humbly tell them.  Let them know your worth holding on the line for.

These brief thought starters should help you decide if it’s time to freshen up your on hold message.  And they changes don’t need to be major.  By simply changing a single paragraph or refreshing the music bed, you can deliver a massive benefit in the caller’s ear.  So take the time to review your onhold message regularly, print off the script and read through.  Mark a date on your calendar or to do list when it’s time to take action.

Staying alert in such little ways, goes a long way to keeping you and your business front and centre in your client’s sights when it’s time for them to act.