On Hold Messages Made Easy

Top 5 Reasons to use On Hold Messages


hands-coffee-cup-appleMarketing Marketing Marketing….  !

You’re already trying to get your brand / name out there as much as possible.  Spending on advertising, social-ing on facebook, instagram and whatever other option comes to hand. 

Hopefully you’ve considered using the power of On Hold in your marketing mix.  They offer a simple, impactful and affordable option to convey your marketing message directly to your motivated clients.  

On Hold Messages provide an ideal opportunity to keep your customers (current or potential) informed and aware of your products and services in a way you fully control. 

Let’s face it, no one enjoys waiting around on the phone.  The best option therefore is to use your caller’s valuable time wisely.  Reward their patience with well thought out, purposeful and entertaining content… and those few moments will pass by painlessly.

So how can you reward your clients?

1.  Introduce new products or services to your customers – without the Hard Sell.  

2.  Entertain and keep them informed.  Reassure them of how you value their support of your business.

3.  Make the time they wait worthwhile.  Even just simple music is better than silence or a dodgy “Greensleeves” mix

4.  Keep them aware of your times and services.  Answer your FAQs so they don’t have to ask.  

5.  Make sure they know the value of your product or service – explain “why” they should use your business.

A professionally produced On Hold Message goes a long way to instill trust and reliability in your brand. Rewarding your client and respecting their time is often reciprocated in repeat business from loyal and responsive customers.